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Treasures of India
New Delhi , India

Treasures of India is a brand which aims to reinstate Indian heritage by curating beautiful and antique products from all over the country. We are the lovers of all things Indian.

Our love for traveling took us to the remotest parts of our country where we found a display of excellent craftsmanship by some of the artisans. Today thousands of Indian artisans still survive on pennies despite being so full of talent. Even after facing dire financial conditions, they do not want to give up on their crafts and heritage. They want to keep the craft alive which has been passed on to them by their previous generations. On talking to them, we observed that many of them are hesitating to encourage their children to carry on their lineage, due to the lack of growth and funds in this sector. We also realized that the skills possessed by them should not get lost in the narrow bylanes of our country.

We really loved what they were doing and wanted to give them a platform to showcase their craft to the world. Treasures of India is a brainchild of our love for Indian crafts and craftsmen



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