Concrete Moon Wall Clock with Pendulam-Home Dé

Concrete Moon Wall Clock with Pendulam

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Our minimalist concrete designs aim to celebrate distinctive style and flexibility through versatile usage. This exquisite work of art is individually designed and handpoured with lots of care and compassion. It may contain slight irregularities in colour/texture/Air bubbles as is concrete's natural characteristic and this beautiful tactile quality is what makes Eliteearth concrete designs a unique treasure to convene.

"Concrete white and orange accent Moon Wall Clock .
Classic function, contemporary design.

This concrete wall clock in white concrete and orange accent adds the classy effect on the wall and enhances beauty of your decor.. A blend of tradition and modernity, this timeless beauty made from high-quality cement will undoubtedly bring in a classic look to your home.

The wall clock is a mandatory accessory in any home. It is a decorative unit that can enhance your wall as well as be completely functional.

Our Concrete Moon Wall clock, from the Clock Master Collection, is 9.5 inches in diameter. Its minimal design adds maximum style to any interior design.

The inspiration for this concrete home decor item is based on the warmth of the past, evoking the rigidity of the traditional clocks .

Styling Tip:
Buy wall clocks online that transforms the whole idea of clocks into a chic and contemporary design. The concrete clock is carefully designed to make sense of the spaces and maintain warmth and good taste. Imagine this fantastic concrete clock matched with a delicate decor, for an exciting contrast."

Care & Instructions
Concrete is a fragile product, avoid jerk. Wipe dry with damp towel. This product is not food safe. Refrain from products used for direct consumption.

Materials: Concrete And Metal hands