Luxe Collection - Stockholm Lamp (Black)

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Stockholm Table Lamp - A Glimpse of the Swedish Capital in Your Space. Let the essence of Stockholm, famed for its design brilliance, elevate your interiors. Our Stockholm Table Lamp draws inspiration from the city's elegance, offering a harmonious blend of luxury and modernity. The rich nickel base contrasts seamlessly with the permeable fabric, allowing light to spill and drape your space in a warm, luxurious glow.

  1. Swedish Design Influence: Inspired directly by Stockholm's iconic design aesthetics.
  2. Rich Nickel Base: Adds a touch of opulence, ensuring stability and durability.
  3. Translucent Fabric: The carefully chosen material ensures a soft, ambient light that transforms any space.
  4. Versatile Elegance:Perfectly fits both contemporary and traditional décors.
  5. Compact Dimensions: Designed to make a statement without overpowering your decor (30cm x 30cm x 15cm).