About Us

CLAYMANGO is an online global marketplace of creative and designer products where one can discover unique products from creative people around the world.

Our vision extends beyond mere commerce; we aim to cultivate a thriving community of design-driven individuals and enthusiasts who possess a unique perspective, one that appreciates the artistry and dedication poured into every design. We value the discerning eye of those who understand and cherish the creative process, acknowledging the collective effort of designers and their teams. At Claymango, we envision a dynamic ecosystem where designers come together to celebrate and uplift each other's work, fostering growth through constructive feedback and support.

This sense of community is a pivotal aspect of our ethos. We aspire for our customers to feel a genuine connection with the brand they choose, transcending the transactional nature of commerce. It is in this bond that trust and comfort are nurtured, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that benefits both the brand and its cherished clientele. This connection with the Claymango brand goes beyond products; it's about shared values, creative appreciation, and the belief in the power of design to enrich our lives.