Bamboo Hangers - Set of

Bamboo Hangers - Set of 3

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"These stunning bamboo hangers are purpose -designed exclusively to succor the well-groomed take the finest care of their closets and fine clothing pieces by offering them with appropriate support. Each piece is hand-made and has a quality finish to them with a supple strength, making them a go to choice to adorn your wardrobe.

16.5"(L) X 6"(H) X 1"(W)

Natural Bamboo

"Set of 3

Laquer Coated Bamboo.

Bamboo is a durable, renewable and sustainable material. Bamboo is way more stronger and flexible than most woods because it has longer fibers. The bamboo MIANZI uses is ready to be harvested after 4-6 years. Bamboo is a grass species, not a tree, and does not need to be replanted. It grows like grass and spreads like grass.

Clean with a damp cloth. "

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Materials: "Bamboo, Stainless Steel "